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The bistro is named for Young Nick – Captain James Cook’s cabin boy who, legend has it, was the first to spot the white cliffs in Poverty Bay that were named in his honour.





Crispy bacon , pork sausages , grilled tomato , saute mushrooms , hash brown , toasted bread and eggs (poached , scramble or fried)
A choice of bacon or house smoked salmon served upon a freshly toasted english muffin poached eggs & homemade hollandaise sauce
Toasted bread, mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash browns, flamed spinach, grilled haloumi w/ eggs your way (poached , scramble or fried)
Served w/ bacon, caramelized banana, maple syrup & whipped cream
Simple, light and fluffy what more one can ask for!
Omelette infused with crispy bacon , tomato , onion and mozzarella served with hash brown and roast tomato inside. 
House smoked salmon on a chrispy toasted bagel with sour cream and dill spread , Egg(fried, scramble or overy easy)served with a side salad. 
A traditional french breakfast favourite comprising of sliced french bread coated with egg and cinamon batter served with fresh cream and berry compote slices of bacon and caramalized banana .
A new twist to traditional roman breakfast favourite comprising of mouth -watering flavour of bacon, spinach, onions, garlic creamy scrambled eggs and Mozzarella cheese on bread of crispy english muffin.
A  classic fresh pastry stuffed with a colossal mixutre of eggs bacon, onion, tomato, aprsley, Mozzarella, cheese served with cranberry sauce and a side salad. 
    1 rasher crispy bacon $3, 2 Eggs any style $3, Roast tomato $4, Pork sausage $4, Sautee mushroom $4, 1 slice toasted bread $3 , 1 Piece crispy hash brown $4 , Grilled halloumi cheese $6 , hollandise sauce $3 



Roasted tomato and bell pepper $15.50

(Traditional tomato soup with a twist of roasted red bell peppers and herbs served with garlic croutons) (G.F.&Vegan Option Available)

 Italian minestrone $ 15.50

(The soup with rich vegetables tangy tomatoes and pasta simmered in a parmesan stock served with a slice of garlic bread “A complete meal by its self”)Vegan Option Available

 Chicken Hot n Sour $ 17.50

(A classic Asian broth with the goodness of veggies and tender chicken braised withAsian herbs topped with crispy noodles) Vegan Option Available

 Sea Food Chowder $18.50

(A fisherman’s creation and a British favourite soup filled with goodness of the sea shrimps, squids, mussels and smoked fish a true seafood extravaganza served with a slice of garlic bread)





Drunken Prawn’s $19.00

(Succulent Tiger prawns quickly fried in olive oil, chilli and garlic flambéed with brandy and served with a citrus side salad “caution might give you a kick”)

(G.F Option Available.), please specify the spice level to your server

 Kutai Poti Wera $ 19.50

(Fresh NewZeland green lip mussels tossed with shallots, rosemary, garlic and a touch of chilli in extra virgin olive oil flamed with chardonnay and steamed in a creole sauce “Mussels hot pot”)

(G.F Option Available).please specify the spice level to your server

 Chicken Tenders with a trio of dips $18.50

(Golden fried Juicy chicken tenders coated in a secret flour mix and served with a trio of dips, basil

Pesto, garlic aioli and parmesan cheese “no one can eat just one”)

 Cajun beef skewers with chipotle mayo $16.50

(Tender diced beef and veggies marinated in Cajun spice and cooked over charcoal skewered and served with chipotle mayo.)

 Garlic Bread $ 8.00

(5 toasted slices of ciabatta bread basted with garlic butter and herbs)

(G.F Option Available).

 Chilli Cheese garlic toast $10.00

(5 toasted slices of ciabatta bread basted with chilli garlic butter and topped with melting mozzarella)

(G.F Option Available).

 Pesto pizza bread $12.00

(Fresh homemade pizza base topped with basil pesto, sundried tomato and olives

topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheese)






Ask you server for today’s special


The Tomahawk steak   $36.50

                                   (400gm Beef Flintstone Steak grilled to your liking served with sauté mushrooms Hassel back potato fondant and merlot infused peppercorn jus)(G.F & D.F. Option Available).

 Confit pork belly  $23.00

                                                (Spiced pork confit belly slow cooked overnight served with fresh seasonal roast veggies and apple Marsala sauce)(G.F Option Available).

 The Duck tales $28.50

                                                 (Tender duck breast pan seared served with crispy garden greens, roasted pumpkin puree and spiced plum sauce) (G.F & D.F. Option Available).

 Lamb shank  $25.00

(Slow cooked braised shank of lamb served with kumara mash green peas topped with lamb jus) (G.F & D.F. Option Available).

 Pollo Ripieno $32.50

(Tender chicken breast stuffed with cooked spinach and ricotta served with rich vodka cream sauce on a bed of fresh roasted seasonal veggies)(G.F Option Available)

Mushroom risotto $29.50

(Arborio rice cooked with sautéed mushroom shallots and herbs finished with knob of butter and mascarpone cheese with a slight drizzle of rich white truffle oil) G.F, D.F. & Vegan Option Available).

 Grilled Tofu steak $20.00

(Grilled tofu steak served with caponata sauce and roast veggies) Vegan 




  Chocolate Fondant $18.00

(Freshly baked chocolate fondant served with berry coulis, white chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream)

 Kiwi Style Trifle Pudding $16.00

(Homemade kiwi trifle build with fresh fruits fresh sponge and whipped cream)

 Bailey’s Panna cotta  $18.00

(New twist to the classic Panna cotta with a midori jelly and a Bailey’s infused panna cotta)

 Deconstructed  Tamarillo Crumble $16.00

(Freshly baked crispy crumble served with a fruit coulis and scoop of rich vanilla ice cream)

 Apple Pie  $18.00

(The all-time winter favourite warm apple pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)

      For booking please phone 8688055
          Room service will incur a $5 tray charge






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